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Barkery Barkday Box

The Barkery Birthday Box is the ultimate celebration - in a box - for your pup's special day! Whether it's a true birthday, a 'gotcha day' or any other milestone, there's no better way to show appreciation for your pup's unconditional love than the Birthday Box! 

In true birthday fashion, each box is a total surprise! So, you never know what might pop up in the Barkery Birthday Box. Treats, toys, cake ... what will be inside? The mix changes from box to box, too, so half the fun is in the unveiling! 

All items in the Barkery Busy Box will always be celebration-themed and worth more than the purchase price, though, so it's like getting a discount on every box you purchase!

The Barkery Birthday Box can be ordered as follows:

  • SMALL DOG BOX (recommended for dogs up to 15lb)
  • MEDIUM DOG BOX (recommended for dogs up to 40lb)
  • LARGE DOG BOX (recommended for dogs up to 65lb)

*Note: The weights above are suggestions. Please order the box you feel is appropriate for your dog's individual chewing and play habits. Always supervise your dog during any play or chew session. 

Order a box whenever you'd like, or select Auto Ship and your frequency to receive a box for your canine companions regularly (cancel at any time) -- it's your call. 

*The photo in this listing is for illustrative purposes only and provides examples of the types of items that could appear in this box. Each box changes and may not include any of the items pictured.


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