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Earth Animal Nature's Comfort Zen Tabs 60ct

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As gentle activists for happier, healthier lives of our pets, we're always excited to find another way. Well, revolutionary relief for your pets is here, painstakingly sourced from the very best full spectrum hemp with naturally occurring CBD.

Developed by a team of veterinarians, chemists, nutritionists, and hemp farmers from Rogue Valley, Oregon, our products provide fast-acting comfort for your pets.

Dr. Bob Goldstein's Nature's Comfort™ ZEN-TABS™ are a powerful and unique blend of full spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD, ReGen+™ Immune Enhancer (Oligopeptides), UPTAKE™ TECHNOLOGY and antioxidants that make these tasty tabs the all-in-one choice for supporting the immune system while helping animals maintain alertness and a normal and relaxed disposition.

This special blend also helps support stress caused by any environmental factors such as travel, veterinarian visits, or any stressful situation your animal might be having difficulty from.  And, Zen-Tabs™ will enhance bone and joint health and promote healthy cell regeneration. They utilize a proprietary and innovative transdermal UPTAKE™ TECHNOLOGY that bypasses the gastro-intestinal tract while helping the active compounds to permeate the skin and then immediately enter the blood stream. This process maximizes the overall effect making it last longer for your pet.

Using ZEN-TABS™ helps to:

  • Soothe occasional discomfort
  • Promote cellular reproduction
  • Enhance liver and kidney functions
  • Promote resistance to pathogens
  • Promote coronary circulation
  • Support healthy digestion
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Support connective tissue health
  • Support the central nervous system
  • Support normal brain and nerve function
  • Support healthy cellular activity
  • Support performance and endurance
  • Promote bladder and urinary tract health

DIRECTIONS FOR USE (administer orally):

  • Small Dogs and Cats up to 12 lbs ½ tab daily
  • Small Dogs (12-25 lbs) 1 tab daily
  • Medium Dogs (25-65 lbs) 2 tabs daily
  • Large Dogs (65 lbs+) 3 tabs daily

For finicky cats, you can break up the tablet and mix in with food.

For complete product information, including ingredients, guaranteed analysis, certificate of analysis and more, visit Earth Animal's website.


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