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Himalayan yakyTops *disc*

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Yaky Tops are USA-made treats that provide the best of both worlds for dogs without the odor! Protein-rich Bully Sticks are topped with cheesy Yaky Chews which are full of essential minerals. These highly nutritious treats last fairly longer than a Bully Stick alone! 

  • Delicious treat consisting of a protein-rich bully stick topped with a cheesy yaky chew, which is full of essential minerals
  • Limited ingredient treats contain only cow milk, yak milk, beef salt and lime juice; that's it!
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, grains, gluten or additives
  • Lasts longer than a bully stick or a yaky chew would separately and is the best of both worlds for your dog
  • Made in the USA!

INGREDIENTS: Cow Milk, Yak Milk, Beef Pizzle, Salt, and Lime Juice
CALORIES: 361 kcal/piece

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