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Natural Dog Co Bully Sticks 6in Braided

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Available individually or in a cost-effective 8oz value bag that contains about 4-6 bully braids.

The Natural Dog Company is a small, family-run company located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado. They source and produce exceptional quality animal-part products. When it comes to bully sticks, marrow bones and other animal part treats, The Natural Dog Company is our best seller!

Made from 100% free-range South American beef pizzle, these 6in braided bully sticks are actually TWO standard bully sticks braided together for double durability! And due to their drying process, Natural Dog Company's bully braids are odor free. If you've got a power chewer, this is a great product for them!

Please choose a size you think is most appropriate for your dog and her chewing habits. And, because chewing styles vary greatly among dog breeds, you should always supervise your dog while (s)he is chewing ANY treat or toy.

PRODUCT NOTE: Some bully braids may appear to be tied at the ends with "string" or "fishing line" or some sort. This material is actually beef intestine fiber and is 100% natural and safe for your pet to ingest. It is not plastic, wire or string of any kind.

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