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The Chewsy Dog Nibbulls Bully Bites 12oz @ Bag of Bones Barkery - Bag of Bones Barkery

The Chewsy Dog Nibbulls Bully Bites 12oz

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Bully sticks are a doggy classic! A protein-packed, durable, all-natural chew your dogs will love!

The Chewsy Dog Nibbulls are thick and durable bully stick 'ends' (also known as 'bites') that make amazing chews for small and toy breeds as well as small puppies. They're available exclusively at Bag of Bones Barkery and are made from grass-fed, grass-finished, free range livestock.

Although the pieces and sizes of bites will vary from bag to bag, The Chewsy Dog bully bites are generally MUCH larger and thicker than any other brand we've seen at our retail store! What an amazing value.

INGREDIENTS: bull pizzle

This product is recommended for dogs over 4 months of age and/or with a full set of adult teeth. Best for small/medium breed dogs and small puppies. Do not purchase this product if your dog tends to gulp or swallow treats/chews.

Product of South America.

NOTE: Always supervise your dog with any chew or treat, and be sure fresh water is available. Discard any pieces that are small enough for your dog to swallow whole to avoid choking hazard. Adjust meals to account for calories from treats.

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